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Communities that Work’s membership reaches across all regions in England.  See where our members operate.

About Abri  

Abri is one of the South of England’s largest housing providers, with 40,000 homes and assets. We work with 37 local authorities and 56 different parliamentary constituencies. As we grow, we want to re-establish our strong local presence, deepening our connection with our customers and communities and providing a really good service to more than 100,000 people.  We exist to create thriving communities and empower lives. It’s our central mission and one we fully believe in. 

We’re continuing to invest in our existing homes, to maintain quality, improve building and fire safety work and make them more energy efficient. We’re also investing £15 million in communities to address local issues and find ways to empower lives. And it means we’ll continue to build more homes where they’re needed most.  

Annual Report 2022

ESG Report

Debra Scarratt

Head of Inspired to Achieve, Abri Group

We can’t do this alone, and that’s where great partnership working comes into play. We’re proud to be working closely with Communities that Work to help improve access to opportunities for as many people as possible, and to better understand barriers to employment and how these can be overcome.