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Communities that Work’s membership reaches across all regions in England.  See where our members operate.

Our vision is to empower refugees and migrants who reside in the UK to lead self-sufficient and ambitious lives.

We believe that increased access to support, training and education creates spaces and opportunities for people to thrive. ACH is a social enterprise comprised of a diverse group of strategists and researchers led by lived experience.

We provide supported accommodation, and tailored integration services that not only help individuals, but also disrupt the systems that have entrenched inequalities in our society.

Mission Statement

Annual Report 2023

Fuad Mahamed


In 2023, amidst challenges faced by both ACH and our resilient migrant and refugee communities, we achieved remarkable milestones - securing safe accommodations for 1,256 individuals, providing training for 260, and offering business development support for 340. Over our 15-year journey, we've housed 6,500 individuals and supported 13,500 people, embodying ACH's enduring commitment to fostering holistic integration, positive impact, and community empowerment in the UK.