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Communities that Work’s membership reaches across all regions in England.  See where our members operate.

At Blackpool Coastal Housing (BCH) we believe all staff have a pride in what they do, they care about our customers and work hard to deliver positive outcomes. Our BCH board sets the strategic direction for the company, taking into account the context set by Blackpool Council along with external factors. The Board is supported by the Senior Management Team and staff who are responsible for strategic and day to day management, planning, and delivering all activities undertaken by BCH.

To help achieve our vision of “inspiring people to build sustainable communities”, our staff demonstrate key ‘PRIDE’ values:

  • Positivity - We take pride in BCH and the services provided to our customers and are passionate about listening to what people need.
  • Respect & Compassion - We are committed to being fair to people and treat everyone we meet with dignity and respect.
  • Integrity - We are accountable for being honest and delivering on the promises we make and take responsibility for our actions and the outcomes achieved.
  • Dynamism – We will strive for continual improvement and respond to the changing needs of our communities.
  • Energy – We will be creative and consider innovative solutions to support our customers and communities.

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