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22 April 2022

Communities that Work Update

UKSPF Framework hatches!

Even UKGov accepts that Spring has arrived, and with it, the UKSPF Framework promised in this season is now out.

Published during the pre-election period (purdah) in the run-up to local elections on 5th May, perhaps DLUHC is hoping that local funding news, delivered by local authorities, will translate to votes at the ballot box. Maybe not, and DLUHC simply knew that they had to get this guidance out without further delay to give UKSPF lead authorities a fighting chance to get plans together to spend the funds this year at all.

We know that issues on the governance of UKSPF in Scotland and Wales were causing delays on UKSPF at DLUHC, and whilst there is still much to argue about, we have at last the core information needed to start to plan UKSPF in England.

25 February 2022

Communities that Work Update

Let’s get closer: Calls grow for UKSPF local leaders to work with housing on Local Investment Plans (LIPs)

Communities that Work has called for greater partnership and collaboration between social housing landlords and local UKSPF leaders across England at the annual joint conference held with the Learning and Work Institute this week.

As a sector and as local housing providers, we must encourage local UKSPF leads to understand the social housing offer and how we can deliver within the overall UKSPF theme of ‘pride in place’. UKSPF lead authorities must produce local Investment Plans to unlock the investment awarded to their areas. Social housing is a critical lead partner to reach communities through our links, community spaces, building assets, and staff expertise.

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