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Membership benefits

As the housing sector faces new and unprecedented challenges in the years ahead, we know that our core housing and employment goals are stronger and clearer to Government when we stay together and speak collectively. 

Membership of Communities that Work drives clarity and gives strength to our core sector messaging to the Government.

Members benefit from access to our popular, regular national online member web events, our regular news and media Roundups, and our joint conferences.

Membership is corporate - there is no limit to the number of your colleagues that can access our membership service offer.

Membership brings

Influence and Insight

We have an open and ongoing dialogue with the government on the relationship between housing providers and employment and skills services.  We have a network of contacts across the housing, employment and political arena and use this to leverage support for Communities that Work members.

Access, contacts and partnerships

Communities that Work helps support the employment support objectives of our housing organisations. We can help to broker practical partnerships that can lead to contracted delivery, to support your employment and skills programmes. We lead the Housing and Employment Taskforce, the APPG on Housing and Social Mobility and the UKSPF agenda between social housing and government.

Networks and Knowledge

Join Communities that Work members on webinars, member conferences, sector events and roundtable discussions, to hear about latest developments in the sector as well as to help influence and develop best practice.


£1,000 one-off joining fee and an annual subscription based on the size of your organisation:

<1000 homes = £500 per annum (£500 one-off joining fee rate)

1000 to 4,999 homes = £1,500 per annum
5,000 to 9,999 homes = £2,000 per annum
10,000 to 14,999 homes = £2,500 per annum
15,000 to 29,999 homes = £3,000 per annum
30,000 to 49,999 homes = £4,500 per annum
50,000+ homes = £6,000 per annum

Find out more

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Lynsey Sweeney, to discuss your membership.