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Geoff Cooke, Head of Employment, Training & Enterprise at ForHousing:

"Communities that Work is one of the most influential, insightful and informative membership subscriptions we’re involved with.  It really helps to inform our strategic direction in terms of supporting our tenants and customers into employment. CtW facilitates opportunities to learn from other providers and deliver valuable, savvy political insight into policy that affects our delivery.  The political updates on the UK shared prosperity fund are particularly enlightening."

Charmaine Simei, Director of Community Investment, Longhurst Group:

"There has never been a more important moment than now for the housing sector to work alongside the Government to push for greater economic resilience for the communities we serve. The Government’s levelling up agenda and the promise of the Shared Prosperity Fund are doors that Communities that Work are wedging open on behalf of the sector.As a member and Board member I have been really impressed by the sheer breadth, influence, impact and growing network of Communities that Work over the last year."

Roz Hampson, Funding Officer, Southway Housing Trust:

"Southway Housing Trust is proud to be part of the Communities that Work network. Established in 2007, we provide good quality affordable rented homes for around 6,000 households in and around south Manchester. We use our skills and resources to address inequality, reduce poverty and improve lives in our diverse communities. Being part of this active network will help us to achieve our vision of Thriving Communities where people of all ages can access what they need to have a healthy and fulfilled life."

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Gentoo Group:

"Gentoo Group is proud to join Communities that Work and collaborate with other providers who share our vision, social purpose and commitment to investing in the people and places we serve. Gentoo Group provides more than 60,000 people in Sunderland with a place they can call home and invests in services that help people live their best possible life. We value partnerships and work alongside key partners within our own community, and bring this same approach to partnership working with Communities that Work with the aim of helping people into work and progressing in their careers."

Amy Cheswick, Director of Customers and Partners, Raven Housing Trust:

"Raven Housing Trust is delighted to be the newest member of Communities that Work. Being part of this strong, active network will help us to deliver our goals to build homes and change lives for individuals and communities in the South East."

Julie Haywood, Director Community Investment, whg:

"COVID has demonstrated and evidenced structural inequalities affecting many of the communities where Housing Associations have a strong presence. Throughout the pandemic Communities that Work have continued to raise the voice and profile of the Housing Sector who are clearly well placed, delivering local solutions and investing in these communities. The APPG Inquiry and recent report published further outlines our work and the key challenges ahead in tackling long term unemployment."

Debra Scarratt, Head of Inspired to Achieve, Abri Group

" We can’t do this alone, and that’s where great partnership working comes into play.

We’re proud to be working closely with Communities that Work to help improve access to opportunities for as many people as possible, and to better understand barriers to employment and how these can be overcome."

William Miller, Social Impact Director, Optivo

"Optivo staff and residents were delighted to be encouraged by Communities that Work to help shape the APPG report, offering their thoughts on the most effective employment and training programmes. We were keen to influence the inquiry and the recommendations that came out of it.

We’re encouraged to see the themes of the report reflect our own Social Impact Statement and work plan which launches in early November 2020."

John Gleeson, Head of Community Investment North, Southern Housing Group

"Despite the worsening employment landscape there will still be opportunities, and our priority is to support our residents to access these. Communities that Work is well placed for the housing sector to rally behind and advocate on behalf of housing associations, the impact of their employment work, and the support they need to do more to help their tenants."

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