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Check out what some of our members think

Chris Harris, Chief Executive, Arhag Housing Association

"Arhag Housing Association is committed to collaboration and fostering opportunities for all. That's why we're so excited to be joining Communities that Work. Our common goal of providing security to communities in need will ensure that this partnership is a success, and we look forward to working together to deliver the best possible support for our residents and the wider community."

Bashir Uddin, Chief Executive, Bangla Housing Association

"We are working to improve the life chances of people in the community who are economically, socially and health deprived by working in partnership with relevant service providers."

Jenny Allinson, Director of Corporate Governance, Bernicia

"As one of the North East's leading housing providers, we provide both good quality homes as well as services which lead to a better quality of life for our tenants. "Joining Communities that Work will provide us with tools to further support our tenants and wider communities, by helping support them through the journey of securing sustainable employment."

Jan Williams, Head of Opportunities, Ongo

"As the largest housing provider for quality, affordable homes in North Lincolnshire, our mission to reinvest into improving local communities and creating opportunities for those living within them. This is closely aligned to the ethos that drives Communities that Work, which is why we're really excited to join as a member. We are delighted to announce our membership to the body and hope to work alongside Communities that Work in order to transform lives of those living in our homes and support them into rewarding and lasting employment"

Marion Duffy, Chief Operations Officer

"Here at Platform we are all about working to deliver a first-class housing experience for our customers. It’s about always working to do the right thing and encouraging our partners, stakeholders and government to work with us to do the same so we can collectively deliver. People are our business focus – our customers are front centre of everything we do, the decisions we make and the services we offer. We want our homes and the communities they are part of to be safe, successful and well maintained places that people are proud to call home. Platform is about so much more than brick and mortar it’s about delivering a range of services that support people to be the best they can be. Employment advice, educational opportunities and financial support schemes are all a key part of our offering.

Wayne Noteman, Director of Regeneration, Unity Housing Association

"Unity Housing Association is delighted to be joining Communities that Work. For over 30 years, Unity has been providing choice, improving life opportunities, and addressing inequalities for BAME communities in Leeds/Kirklees. By joining Communities that Work, we've joined a strong network of like- minded Housing Associations working in partnership to tackle inequality and boost employment and skills opportunities for social housing residents."

Geoff Cooke, Head of Employment, Training & Enterprise at ForHousing:

"Communities that Work is one of the most influential, insightful and informative membership subscriptions we’re involved with.  It really helps to inform our strategic direction in terms of supporting our tenants and customers into employment. CtW facilitates opportunities to learn from other providers and deliver valuable, savvy political insight into policy that affects our delivery.  The political updates on the UK shared prosperity fund are particularly enlightening."

Craig Taylor, Director of Housing and Customer Services

"It’s as important as ever for the housing sector to work alongside the Government to enhance the economic resilience of the communities we serve. Communities that Work is doing some fantastic work in bringing together the key voices who can help make this happen and we’re delighted to be involved."

Roz Hampson, Funding Officer, Southway Housing Trust:

"Southway Housing Trust is proud to be part of the Communities that Work network. Established in 2007, we provide good quality affordable rented homes for around 6,000 households in and around south Manchester. We use our skills and resources to address inequality, reduce poverty and improve lives in our diverse communities. Being part of this active network will help us to achieve our vision of Thriving Communities where people of all ages can access what they need to have a healthy and fulfilled life."

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Gentoo Group:

"Gentoo Group is proud to join Communities that Work and collaborate with other providers who share our vision, social purpose and commitment to investing in the people and places we serve. Gentoo Group provides more than 60,000 people in Sunderland with a place they can call home and invests in services that help people live their best possible life. We value partnerships and work alongside key partners within our own community, and bring this same approach to partnership working with Communities that Work with the aim of helping people into work and progressing in their careers."

Julie Jacobs‑Obodai, Employability & Skills Manager

"As a CtW member, Raven continues to gain access to meaningful insights and best practice thinking from across the sector. We are also contributing to the campaigns and policy ideas needed to drive better opportunities for our communities and supporting our customers into employment."

Julie Haywood, Director Community Investment, whg:

"COVID has demonstrated and evidenced structural inequalities affecting many of the communities where Housing Associations have a strong presence. Throughout the pandemic Communities that Work have continued to raise the voice and profile of the Housing Sector who are clearly well placed, delivering local solutions and investing in these communities. The APPG Inquiry and recent report published further outlines our work and the key challenges ahead in tackling long term unemployment."

Debra Scarratt, Head of Inspired to Achieve, Abri Group

" We can’t do this alone, and that’s where great partnership working comes into play.

We’re proud to be working closely with Communities that Work to help improve access to opportunities for as many people as possible, and to better understand barriers to employment and how these can be overcome."

John Gleeson, Head of Funding & Innovation

"At Southern Housing we work to influence positive change and build partnerships in the areas where we operate. We invest heavily in neighbourhood community programmes, helping our residents with training, careers advice, financial and digital inclusion so they can develop their potential and live their best lives. 

Membership of Communities that Work complements our work on these themes. It connects us to like-minded partners, helps promote our impact and enables us to influence decision makers."

Kate Shone, Managing Director, Torus Foundation

"Beyond providing homes, Torus Foundation is supporting Torus Group in its mission to grow stronger communities. By collaborating with key partners such as Communities that Work, together we’re able to create positive places, delivering crucial support, which includes opportunities for employment and skills. Whether that is helping people take a step closer to the labour market, find work or build the skills and confidence to progress their career."

Matt Buckham, Community Investment Director

"SNG is proud to be part of the Communities that Work network influencing national policy, collaborating with partners and ultimately creating more positive impact driving more investment into the communities we serve."

Stuart Clarke, Senior Manager Employability

"At Your Homes Newcastle, our employability work forms a key part of our commitment to supporting communities and sustaining tenancies. We think housing has a unique and fundamental role to play in delivering employability provision so we’re dedicated to working with our Housing partners to really drive forward our offer. Joining Communities that Work will give us an opportunity to share our experience but also learn from the fantastic work that other Housing organisations are delivering across the country so we are delighted to be part of the network."

Steve McKinlay, CEO

"At Tyne, our entire purpose is about helping people who feel isolated, unsafe or excluded get to a better place. Homelessness, poverty, addictions, suffering with poor physical and mental health are just some of the situations people can find themselves in – but with this strategy, we want to look beyond labels and see the whole person."

Charmaine Simei, CEO

"There has never been a more important moment than now for the housing sector to work alongside Government to push for greater economic resilience for the communities we serve. Addressing the skills gap, funding effective employment support and creating meaningful, well-paid employment opportunities is a vital ingredient.As a member and Board member I continue to be really impressed by the sheer breadth, influence and impact of Communities that Work, which has been epitomised with the Future that Works Campaign."

Felicity Hunt, Communities & Social Impact Director

“Hyde are extremely pleased to be reconnecting with Communities that Work in this critical general election year.  We look forward to working together with key partners to improve employment and progression for social renters and crucially supporting the Future that Works campaign together.”