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Communities that Work Members

Communities that Work’s membership reaches across all regions in England.  See where our members operate.

Our vision
To create homes and places where people want to live.

Our mission
To listen to our tenants, to provide top quality management and maintenance of our existing homes and estates, keeping our residents safe, and to invest in our homes to help residents live fulfilling lives. We seek to grow our services in a sustainable way, doing all we can to meet the demand for affordable housing – and to manage our business as an exemplar of good governance and organisational culture.

Our goals

  • To deliver the NCH Tenants’ Charter:
    • to be safe in your home
    • to have a good quality home and neighbourhood to live in
    • to have a home you can afford
    • to have your voice heard and to be treated with respect
    • to know how we are performing
    • to have your complaints dealt with promptly and fairly
  • To diversify and grow
  • To pursue organisational excellence.

Our values
We endeavour to embed our values in everything we do:

  • we’re passionate about delivering outstanding services
  • we respect our colleagues, our residents and our communities
  • we’re always looking for ways to improve
  • we provide great value for money
  • we work effectively with each other, our residents and our partners.

Annual Report 2022