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Housing and Employment Taskforce

We Chair the Housing and Employment Taskforce to bring key bodies in housing, employment services and government together to focus on a core issue: support for employment across social housing resident bases through and beyond Covid-19.

Taskforce membership includes the National Housing Federation, the National Federation of ALMOs, HACT/the Centre, ERSA, the Institute for Employability Professionals, the Institute for Employment Studies, the Learning and Work Institute, Youth Futures Foundation (and the Youth Employment Group) and officials from the DWP and DLUHC.


We work through the Taskforce to hold the Government to account on their economic growth, skills and jobs plans and to ensure that social housing takes a central role in delivering on them across our communities.

The Taskforce has shone a light on core employment issues, developed the award winning national ‘Opportunity Guarantee’ campaign and influenced the Plan for Jobs.

This year, Taskforce members NHF, NFA and CtW have joint funded a new piece of research, Building Opportunity. The report offers new data analysis to better understand the employment picture of social housing tenants, how this compares to other tenure types, and how it varies by demographic group and geographic area. It also developed case studies showing how social housing providers are tackling these challenges and supporting their tenants. The purpose is to inform the development and implementation of skills and employment policy and programmes, including the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and other efforts to 'level up'.

The report shows how social landlords themselves are key actors in supporting employment participation, community development and economic renewal and how all tiers of government can help to support social landlord action.  Read in full here