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Jobs Plus in the UK from Summer 2024

Jobs Plus awarded funding from HMT/Cabinet Ofifce via the Labour Market Evaluation Fund:

Communities that Work has gained support from our members and DWP to test the Jobs Plus model in the UK and have developed detailed plans for a UK-based Jobs Plus pilot, working with the lead for all pilots – the Learning and Work Institute.

The Jobs Plus model proposes supporting people into work in up to 10 pilot sites across England from Summer 2024.

Jobs Plus has support from the Treasury, which has been confirmed through the Cabinet Office and DWP to run the pilots.

Jobs Plus Model:

Jobs Plus has three key components: a community hub that provides a one-stop-shop for local residents looking for work; saturation approach to boost engagement in employment support; and financial incentives to ensure that work pays. The model is proven to be highly successful in increasing employment and earnings in the US.

Communities that Work urged Jobs Plus to be trialled in the UK for many years.

We supported the recommendation by the Work and Pensions Select Committee in 2023 to ‘introduce a pilot of the Jobs Plus programme in the UK. Priority should be given to holding pilots, using a community development approach, in areas of high unemployment and high inactivity.’

And we were pleased to be recognised by the DWP in their response to the Inquiry: ‘The Government recognises the important role that social housing providers can play in addressing some of our key labour market challenges.

DWP has been working closely with Communities that Work and the Learning and Work Institute on the Jobs Plus concept. We are supportive of Jobs Plus and will be implementing a pilot scheme based on the Jobs Plus model.’