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Communities that Work Members

Communities that Work’s membership reaches across all regions in England.  See where our members operate.

SNG (Sovereign Network Group) was formed in October 2023 through the merger of Sovereign and Network Homes. Our purpose is to provide good, affordable homes: the foundation for a better life, and our vision is thriving communities, over generations. We provide over 84,000 homes and invest in communities across the South of England, including London, as well as aiming to create thousands of new affordable homes every year.  

Everything we earn, we reinvest so that our customers - now and in the future - have a sustainable home in a thriving community. We’re creating a new £100m Community Foundation creating £1bn social wellbeing over the next decade.

Community Impact Report

ESG Report

Matt Buckham

Community Investment Director

SNG is proud to be part of the Communities that Work network influencing national policy, collaborating with partners and ultimately creating more positive impact driving more investment into the communities we serve.