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Fiona Fletcher-Smith, Chair of G15

“The leading role that Communities that Work is taking in advocating for the vital role housing plays in developing employment opportunities has the full support of the G15. We support their campaign for the next government to create A Future that Works and end employment poverty.

More needs to be done to support people into meaningful employment and create opportunities for them to rise out of employment poverty. Communities that Work are
developing the solutions to change employment support for the better.”

The Rt Hon Sir Stephen Timms MP, Minister of State, DWP

"I have supported the work of Communities that Work for a number of years. Their latest campaign ‘A Future that Works’ is highlighting some of the most pressing employment concerns.  

We need action to support into work those who want to work – through initiatives such as ‘Jobs Plus’."  April 2024

Victoria Whittle, Head of Jobs and Training at Clarion Futures

“We’re proud to be joining forces with Communities that Work on this campaign. It’s vital that the next government makes sure housing associations have a seat at the table when new employment programmes and initiatives are being mapped out.

As community anchors, social landlords like Clarion can collaborate with partners to bridge gaps and create opportunities. We want to ensure that no one is left behind, but we need a partnership with government to maximise our impact.”

Tracy Harrison, CEO of Northern Housing Consortium

"We are delighted to support Communities that Work and their 'A Future that Works' campaign. We need the next government to recognise that housing providers are in a unique position to provide vital support in the communities they serve to help people into work, and to provide more jobs.

The day-to-day work of social housing providers directly contributes over £4 billion a year to the North’s economy and supports over 70,000 jobs. And the sector could do even more.

With the right investment from government, a social housing retrofit revolution in the north, could create 77,000 good green jobs over the next ten years. We are ready to work with the next government to create even more opportunities for people across the North"

Steve McKinlay, Chief Executive at Tyne Housing and Chair of HENNE

“Some people might ask ‘why housing providers’, as there’s no immediate link, but why not? We’re building on the day-to-day relationships with our residents, tenants, and local communities.

We already know what the individual and local needs are in the area, and we’ve got established relationships. I think if you we’ve got that, then you’re already 50% of the way there with actually making some sort of inroads into employability.”

Kate Shone, Chair of Communities that Work and MD of Torus

“The next government should work to leverage social housing’s role as ‘anchor institutions’ to create partnerships and drive change in their communities.

The housing sector is best placed to support some of the most vulnerable residents into meaningful employment and drive down economic inactivity.”

Gavin Smart, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing

“We support Communities that Work in advocating for  the next government to make addressing employment poverty a priority, and to deliver improved employment support to help economically inactive people back into the workforce.

Over 1.7m economically inactive people want to work but lack the opportunities and support they need to make their ambition a reality. The new government must address this and unleash their frustrated economic potential.”

Lord Best

“I support Communities that Work who are championing the strengthening of local partnerships
and services to help more people into work. This initiative brings fresh impetus to support the 1.7 million economically inactive people who want to work.”

Neil Coyle MP

"Communities that Work provides amazing support and work advocating for more employment support.

People living in social housing face more barriers to employment, and we must change and improve how we are supporting them into meaningful work. Tackling the barriers benefits us all."

David Simmonds

"We are facing a skills shortage and there are millions of people who want to work but face barriers to enter work.

The work that Communities that Work are doing to highlight this and campaign for better wrap around support is vital to solving the employment and skills crisis."

Ian Bryne

"We need to fundamentally change how we are supporting people who want to work into work. Communities that Work are advocating for and creating real impact in the development of creating meaningful employment support. Recognising the critical link between housing and employment is vital to improving the lives of millions

The advocacy work that Communities that Work is undertaking to create fundamental change in employment support, including digital inclusion, is vital to creating a Future that Works for all."

Charlie Norman, Chair of Greater Manchester Housing Partnership

"GMHP stands with Communities that Work and their campaign calling on the next Government to end employment poverty. Housing associations are the second biggest investor in employment support and are ready to work with the Government and the DWP to create A Future that Works and help those who most need support into work."