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 Your Homes Newcastle is a member of the Housing Employment Network North East (HENNE) which is a partnership of 12 North East social housing providers who through collaboration and the development of practical solutions, aims to support our residents and tenants to overcome barriers to employment, develop skills and experience, and provide employment opportunities. To find out more about HENNE visit Housing Employment Network North East (HENNE)

Policies, strategies and publications

Stuart Clarke

Senior Manager Employability

At Your Homes Newcastle, our employability work forms a key part of our commitment to supporting communities and sustaining tenancies. We think housing has a unique and fundamental role to play in delivering employability provision so we’re dedicated to working with our Housing partners to really drive forward our offer. Joining Communities that Work will give us an opportunity to share our experience but also learn from the fantastic work that other Housing organisations are delivering across the country so we are delighted to be part of the network.